Seismik Technology Company Limited 唯果科技有限公司

Founded in 2015 Seismik Technology Company Limited 唯果科技有限公司 has quickly grown to become an industry leader in geoscience that provides seismic solutions including seismic equipment, geophysical seismic data, and processing services.

Seismik Technology Company Limited creates value through data capture, analysis, and optimization that enhances critical decision-making in the pursuit of Oil and Gas explorations.

Seismik Technology Company Limited is headquartered in Shanghai, China with its regional office based in Hong Kong.  Currently, Seismik Technology Company Limited has approximately 200 employees, about half are in technical roles and a quarter has advanced degrees that provides the company with its pioneering technology.

Throughout the years, Seismik Technology Company Limited has concentrated on developing technology to improve seismic image quality while reducing exploration and production risk for companies worldwide.

Seismik Technology Company Limited is dedicated to improving seismic imaging technology, increasing its operational efficiency of acquisitions in the field, shortening the processing cycle, and reducing the environmental impact of seismic operations.

Seismik Technology Company Limited has created a comprehensive toolkit for acquiring high-resolution subsurface images that can be delivered faster and at a lower cost to companies.

Providing integrated solutions that close the gaps in seismic workflow, Seismik Technology Company Limited significantly improves image quality and reduces the risks associated with oil & gas exploration and reservoir development and production.

We have positioned ourselves with the equipment, technology, and people necessary to take on the toughest challenges in exploration. Our history has proven our dedication to innovation and we are committed to advancing our technology and services to solve the toughest imaging and operational challenges in the industry.