Environmental Impact

Seismik Technology Company Limited 唯果科技有限公司 information is used to accurately plan locations for wells, reducing the need for further exploration and minimizing environmental impact.

Seismik Technology Company Limited provides seismic surveying to clients which is a very well-understood science and a very safe industry practice.

Seismic surveying projects have shown no evidence that offshore seismic surveys harm marine animal populations or ecosystems.

The responsible precautions taken by industry mean the effects of man-made noises, such as seismic surveys, on marine mammals are insignificant.

For example, whale populations can be found all along with numerous coastlines and seismic operators employ extensive precautions to minimize any disturbances to these animals. Whale populations continue to thrive, humpback whale populations are increasing at close to their biological maximum, more than 10 percent a year.

There is much more offshore oil and gas activity but the rates of humpback population increase are almost identical. There is no evidence that seismic surveys humpback whale populations.

Seismik Technology Company Limited provides oil and gas industry uses extensive environmental management plans to ensure all offshore operations are conducted safely and responsibly.

Seismik Technology Company Limited provides Seismic surveys cannot begin when certain species are too close to the sound source. Once the survey does begin, the seismic sources are turned up slowly during a ‘ramp-up’ period of about 30 minutes, so those marine animals are not startled and can move away.

The slow approach of ships provides further time for marine animals to move. Survey timing, observation zones, low-power zones, acoustic monitoring and many other measures further reduce any interactions.