Our People

Our people at Seismik Technology Company Limited are essential to our successful strategy and deployment to sustaining business performance over the long term. In the evolving exploration landscape, it requires competent and empowered people working safely together while constantly giving individuals the tools necessary to revolutionize the exploration process.

At Seismik Technology Company Limited we provide a diverse workforce and a creative work environment which is vital to our success, leading to greater innovation and more successful exploration solutions. We believe that diverse teams led by upper management to deliver better safety and business performance.

Seismik Technology Company Limited’s purpose is to progress together with more clean energy solutions. We believe that rising standards of living for a growing global population are likely to continue to drive demand for energy exploration, including oil and gas, for years to come. At the same time, technology changes and the need to tackle climate change means there is a transition underway to a lower-carbon, multisource energy system.

Our ability to achieve our strategic ambitions depends on how we respond to our competition. We continuously assess the external environment, markets, economic landscape, political, social and environmental drivers that shape them.

We continuously seek to improve our operating performance, with an emphasis on health, safety, security and environment.