Social Responsibility

Seismik Technology Company Limited is committed to protect the environment, respect our neighbors, cause no harm to people, and help the world move towards a lower-carbon future.

Our world needs energy to support and improve life for a growing population. Shell provides energy in a responsible way: we aim to limit any impact on the environment and support the transition towards a lower-carbon future.

Seismik Technology Company Limited employs responsible means respecting international standards, matching or exceeding global best practice and setting our own rigorous performance standards. Our core values of honesty, integrity, and respect for people underpin our decisions and actions.

Being responsible means understanding the impact during and the end of our operations.  We always try to make a positive contribution to the local environments in which we operate and seek to reduce any potential negative impacts.

We are committed to protecting the environment while we work hard to cause no harm. This is why we set ourselves such high environmental standards. These meet all regulatory requirements and often exceed them. Our standards cover our environmental performance.

We assess the potential environmental consequences of each new project, including ways they might affect communities. This helps us to highlight ways in which we can contribute to local communities and the environment.

Oil or product spills damage the environment and endangers communities. To avoid spills and leaks of hazardous substances, we work hard to make sure our facilities are well designed for drilling which ensures that there is a minimum impact that might cause an oil spill.